Mods on Reddit

Whom are the mods which review the Reddit page?

An explanation as to why my post was flagged is owed and as to why no response provided after the mod was contacted.

Posting on a request for information available on how staking influeneces holding and prices got it flagged. Really? And its like my posts dont deserve more credit to be flagged or ignored.

@Mihori, i cant figure out whom to tell at all since Reddit mod has not responded. Censorship has been a subject recently, and it feels like with new folks on board…lacking any instutional memory for long standing hard working community members is apparent.



Sorry my friend, the whole thing is really ridiculous. They even demote my Chinese TG admin for no reason.

I guess they now targeting to anyone affiliated to me and bert.

It’s very sad to see this, and many people don’t feel until it happens to them.

Maybe the best solution is don’t talk to us and be friends with them instead. I really don’t want to drag everyone down to the water.

But I hope one day Charles and Nathan and Emurgo will understand what these people trying to do.


When you go the path of North Korea, you achieve the success of North Korea.


Are these responses accurate? Very Strange and I am going to reserve judgement. My Twitter posts get 7k views themselves, retweets in double digits… I have spoken directly with Charles, and numerous founders of leading coins as a matter of respect over time. I dont need thousands of followers to be heard. Clearly I have been part of the solution here including the last man standing in a meetup for Seattle, since last year.

I made zero attempt at “ambassador” for the mere fact my words have more weight than a given title.

Please clarify @maki.mukai as you have always been respectful and professional…a dm is fine too.


This might be how they work.

If you talk with Mihori/Bert/Watchdog or like their posts, you are one of them.

There won’t be independent voice no more since it simply not allowed here.


I will let this cool off, and keep my eyes pealed for a response which allows for them to explain.

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Ya, i don’t think my speaking here will help with the situation.

Hopefully, they will treat you as neutral instead, and just too many collateral damages.

Do you have a copy of your post?


Here is the link to the unresponded contribution. I also messaged the mod shortly after.

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Hi @Upwardbound

Had a look at your post, not sure if you could see the reply but your post was removed by the automoderator:

I’ve screenshotted it, and as you can see, it was automatically flagged as we have an auto-mod rule that takes out pricing talk (to keep the discussion more highly engaged) :slight_smile: But I’ve approved your post now so it should be visible to everyone.

Our Reddit Moderation logs are also open and visible to the public, so you can always double check who performed the action.

Let me know if you have further questions about the Cardano Reddit.


Thank you, one day it would be nice to shake your hand. I am going to clean it up on the board


Thank you everyone for your patience. As you can see, sometimes things simply take a day or two to get cleared up.

The internet is fast, but humans have human speed - which after all is a good thing :slight_smile:


Hi @Upwardbound. I see that Maki already gave you an explanation about what happend on our Reddit. If you need further assistance or questions to be answered regarding Reddit please contact @Katsumoto, @Southrye or me.