MonkeyCoin Exchange in Venezuela interested to have CARDANO in our exchange!


Hello all,

We are here to explore the possibility to develop a relationship with CARDANO, probably can be an interesting bridge for Venezuelans to reach this coin with Venezuelan FIAT.

We would like to hear from you soon!

Thanks in advance for contacting us.


As a Venezuelan, I’d love this to happen.


Do you still have problems with hyperinfaltion?
A few days ago i read something about a venezuelan state cryptocurrency covered by oil an gold.
Do you know something about it?


Yes, 2018 is projected to have the worse inflation rate in venezuelan history. The IMF predicts it will be above 2300%

Yes, is called “Petro” and the Venezuelan government is planning on a launch sometime this year. But as far as I know, it will be a centralized cryptocurrency with government control over who can buy and sell, which doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess it will be an interesting experiment even if it proves to be a failure.


Thanks for information :slight_smile: