More improvements on the Cardano Foundation’s wallet structure

Dear Cardano Community,

We’re constantly improving our operations and especially our security. Because of recent challenges, we have moved part of our funds to a different wallet set-up.

Last week, we created 10 new wallets in Yoroi as a part of our operational optimisation strategy. This allows us to separate our payment and delegation keys, which is a key value proposition of the Cardano Infrastructure.

The wallets that became “visible” when we moved the funds were created before, and delegated to with a different random draw in the past.

The ten pools that, for a short time yesterday, received a delegation which was withdrawn, will be included in the next cycle. Provided, of course, they don’t change their pool parameters.

Our core methodology remains the same: delegations every three months and of the same amounts as before.

Cardano Foundation


keep it simple !
stake with the smallest :smiley:


We at RADAR so appreciate the opportunity! We won’t disappoint.

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Any thoughts about changes on Daedalus? Simply curious.

Have a great cay.

Keep building! :soon::top::rocket:

Hey @Cardano-Foundation would you mind posting the list here with the new pools you delegated on 14th July 2021, it would be very helpful.

Same structure as you did before ie POOL-ID TICKER

Many thanks

Hopefull Charity ROG Pool will be on the list as well. :grinning:

Awesome move. Hope this resolves syncing issues.

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same information.

My CC Pay

Seems that still are many “flaws” in your random system …

Isn’t it one of the rules that once you get a CF delegation you need to wait 4 rounds to be able to get it again?


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also, one of the rules states the following:

*Does not have a high number of ada already staked (less than 5% saturation),

I just checked and many of the chosen pools don’t meet this criteria, beside the fact that were already chosen for previous rounds.

I guess this is some ongoing process at this moment as there are pools that have both IOG and CF delegations… so they are probably sorting it out these days…

Thanks for flagging @lgbtqstakepool. There will be an announcement soon, but at this point, it is obvious that we have changed the delegation strategy. In the screenshot, you can see two delegations only because not all wallets have been redelegated yet. cc: @lordwotton

@mcrio I understand that the timing here is interesting but the truth is: IOHK and Cardano Foundation delegations are not aligned somehow. We will post an announcement very soon here on to explain all the details.

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Dear adatainment, in time communication is key and can solve misunderstandings! There is nothing obvious on someone changing the rules without informing anyone! Imagine the chaos a strategy like that could create in the real world!

Imagine the chaos that would create if IOHK decided to change certain parts of the Ouroboros protocol without prior notice!

How are you going to attract businesses or people when you claim that you can play with the rules only to inform them afterwards?

I hope you can see the flaws in your obvious statement!

I believe you should have first communicated those changes before any execution. Cardano is research first, then execution! Cardano community is very proud of that! Please consider following the same principle.

I look forward to seeing these changes and how they will improve this process!

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Thanks for the explanation. For the sake of further decentralization and small stake-pools support, I wish CF and IOHK would align their delegation processes. They are the founding members of Cardano and have the same goals. :+1:

Closing this topic. Please see our new announcement for details: