More of a Philosophical Approach

Here is the type of article that will be found on upcoming “The Evolution” website:

" This article is based upon the premise that the financial, political, legal (and unfortunately, environmental. But that’s a whole other rabbit hole) systems are diseased beyond repair and on their death beds. If you feel everything’s healthy then I suggest you watch the documentaries: “The Corporation”, “Inside Job”, and “Four Horsemen”.

Remember, this is all about Truth, no matter how difficult it is to accept.

So how did things get so fucked up? Two words : Human ego.

The most accurate analogy describing the human species is in its comparison to cancer. A cancer results when the DNA of a cell gets knocked out of whack, disrupting the natural coding. This causes the cell to “forget” it’s symbiotic relationship with the whole. The cell begins replicating indiscriminately, consuming everything around it. Eventually the cancer siphons enough energy from the host body to kill it, leading to it’s own demise. The human ego is a cancer that consumes and destroys.

When the founding fathers of the United States of America wrote The Declaration of Independence, their sincere intention was to make the world a better, fairer place. But throughout the decades, human influence upon that original system amended and twisted it to serve personal egoic purposes. I’m pretty sure that if Ben and the boys could see the present state of the U.S.A. they would say that something went terribly wrong.

What I’m getting at is that it’s not so much the system itself that causes the problems, it’s the involvement of the human ego within the system that inevitably leads to it’s illness and eventual death. It is the inescapable subjective bias brought about by human emotions that cause systems to become unbalanced and unstable. It’s a tough (red) pill to swallow, but the more that humans mess with a system, any system, the more harm is done to that system. Agent Smith wasn’t wrong; humans fuck things up.

Enter Cardano. The Cardano project is constructing, from scratch, a new system. The idea is to produce an economic system that is impartial, transparent, secure, with long term dependability. Considering the argument presented above, I submit that one of the most effective ways to produce a system that is impartial, transparent, secure, with long term dependability, is to simply keep human influence within that system to a minimum.

This is done by building a system that operates more on the immutable, impartial, dependable laws of mathematics, and less on human involvement. For example, “smart contracts” are programmed directly into the code of an agreement and automatically engage when the requirements of the agreement are fulfilled. Simply put, when X takes place (the coffee beans are delivered to market) Y engages (payment is settled, instantly). This is of course the simplest of examples, but one can see how smart contracts can take the place of present day third party institutions that exist as a trust (do you really trust the banking, political, legal systems?). Smart contracts can be used to circumvent these convoluted, difficult to interpret, and corruptible systems. In effect, smart contracts remove an entire level of human involvement in the system, making it more impartial and more far efficient.

Let’s not forget that the entire legal system was created by the human mind, and is therefore inherently infected by the human ego/cancer. Just because something is “law”, doesn’t mean it’s morally or spiritually relevant. Mathematics, on the other hand was discovered , not created by humans. It is universal, impartial, immutable. These are the foundations on which economic systems need to based, and are precisely the foundations on which Cardano is built. It is the most objective, mathematically sound blockchain project on the planet. How do I know this?

Cardano is the only blockchain project that is constructed, from scratch, using the peer-review system. The peer-review system is the foundation on which all of science is built. This is what sets Cardano apart from all other blockchain projects.

While other projects may be aiming for the same goal of constructing an impartial, transparent, secure, dependable system, the very models by which their systems are being built are infected with the human ego/cancer. Follow me on this:

The scientific method is the most effective system ever devised to root out human bias. So does it make any sense to construct an impartial, unbiased system using a method that itself is not based upon objective impartiality? If the human ego is not excluded as much as possible from the very process on which a system is constructed, how can we expect that system to be free of infection from the human ego/cancer?

The manner in which these other blockchain projects are being built is the equivalent of performing a heart transplant operation in a garage, with dirty hands. Something’s going to get passed on that’s sure as shit’s going to cause problems later on.

In a world that’s going fucking crazy, we need as much rationality, morality, and objective reality as we can get. Cardano is such a bastion where these ideals are protected. This is why The Evolutution supports the Cardano project over all others.

The Evolution is fundamentally about helping to issue in the next step in the evolution of consciousness: the transcendence of the human ego.

Will you take that step with us? Will you offer a hand to support others to take it as well?