Move Stake Pool to new IP

In order to get better performance I need to move current pool to a new server with a new IP address. I have gone through the setup process and am to the point of registering. I am moving my keys to the new server. Do I go through the registration process to make a new certificate with new IP address? Anyone with a straight forward process on this?
Thanks in advance.

It depends on whether or not you’re running your relays on the same machine as your block-producing node (which is not recommended), but I can only assume that is the case as you mentioned your registration IP has changed - and the relay dns/ips and relay port are what’s included the pool registration cert.

In short, yes, you will want to re-register your pool if the relay ip you registered the pool with have changed. Just recreate the pool cert and resubmit the pool reg transaction with the updated data in the pool cert, and omit the one-time 500 ADA pool reg deposit from the transaction as you’ve already paid that.

I have my relays behind a single subdomain with multiple DNS A records, which allows for easy migration and/or expansion of nodes without requiring a re-registration of the pool - and in the pool reg cert I use a single subdomain for the relays and the same port for all.

–pool-relay-port 3728

Please let me know if I can clarify.


Thank you for that. It did help. I had originally set all up on 1 server but now moved my BP node to a new server so left relay on same IP. Much easier than I thought.


Now to just work on getting some delegators

If I try to increase the size of memory of my BP node, and accidental the IP address changed.
Do I need to resubmit the registration?

If my ip address of relay node changed, due to resize memory, do I need to generate vrf key pairs or just resubmit the pool certificate? Is there any instructions/steps for relay node ip address , changed, how to re-register?

just resubmit the pool certificate with new relay ip address.also change topology file.

Thanks a lot! I was confused if I need to submit pool deposit again, looks like the answer is “no”

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I resubmitted the pool cert , and I don’t see the node register in, is there anything I can check if what is going wrong?

did you run topology updater ?

Yes, I did. Do I need to run the relay_topology_pull as well? It seems is sync with BP and other nodes

Thanks a lot ! I see it on the topology.json now. Don’t know how to mark it as solution?

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How do you exclude the one-time 500 ADA reg deposit? We don’t have it re-deposited in our wallet, and we get this error:

No funds on the Source Address!

create the transaction without adding the 500 ADA for pool registration

So what we finally ended up doing was Deregistering the Stakepool, and re-register it by:

  1. Create a new pledge address
  2. Create a new staking key and registering it on the network
  3. Generate new pool keys
  4. Generate new certificate
  5. Create new delegation certificate
  6. Register the Stakepool

This worked, and by the way after deregistering we moved the funds back to the wallet we had created and reused that wallet address.