Moved ADA from staking wallet to another wallet. Staking Error!


I moved nearly all my ADA from my staking Daedalus Wallet to hardware wallet. I left a few ADA to cover any potential fees as advised by multiple online references. I want to stake the new wallet while I’m waiting for the 3 Epochs to pass on the older wallet so I can transfer the remaining rewards when complete. However when I go to stake the new wallet I keep getting an error. I’ve been looking online for anyone with a similar problem/potential solution but no luck. It seems some amounts are not adding up for some reason. Here is the error:

Unable to submit due to error!

Some transactions failed to submit (400) failed:


In and out value not conserved. The transaction must exactlv balance: ever input must be accounted for. There are various things counting as 'in balance: (a) the total value locked by inputs (or collateral inputs in case of a failing script), (b) rewards coming from wi thdrawals and (c) return deposits from stake credential or pool de-registration. In a similar fashion, various things count towards the

'out balance: (a) the total value assigned to each transaction output, (b) the fee and (c) any deposit for stake credential or pool regist ration. The field ‘data.valueConsumed’ contains the total ‘in balance’, and ‘data.valueProduced’ indicates the total amount counting as

‘out balance’.

Data: «“valueConsumed”: (“ada”: (“lovelace”:10000000}) “valueProduced”: {“ada”: (“lovelace”:1200000011)

The above transaction is the transaction Id of the Fee and it matches when the wallet says the fee should be.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve this? I need to get these funds staked ASAP so I don’t lose out on rewards :slight_smile:


With what wallet app did you try to stake? Ledger Live?

It seems that whatever it was, it did not build the transaction correctly. If it has an option to resynchronise to the blockchain that sometimes fixes such errors.

Otherwise, the support of the wallet app that did it wrong is probably the best place to go.

Thanks for the reply! I attempting to do this with the Eternl Wallet. I’ve synchronized several times but no luck. I will try and reach out to Eternl wallet support if that’s an option.