Moving ADA to Ledger Nano X

In the adalite website i am trying to connect my ledger nano x wallet. I get and error “TransportError: Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE.If you are using a hardware wallet, please make sure you are using the latest version of the Cardano application.” I can’t get past this error nor do I have a clue what it is talking about. I have the latest Cardano app from ledger live. Help, I have some ADA in kraken that i need to move onto my Nano X.

To me it sounds like your Ledger firmware and cardano app are not up to date.

I know you say they are, might be worth confirming that by connecting it to your computer and accessing the ledger live manager app.

I did that and it is up to date

I’m wondering if your website thinks it is not the right dated update is a third party company, not anything to do with Cardano.

However i use ledger and I am able to connect to their wallet fine.

Do you mind just letting me know what version of the cardano app you have

YES, same issue, LEDGER needs a MAJOR update, you can no longer move ADA, ETC, TEZOS and probably many others from their platform, kind of scary, never over all the years have I ever had this issue or went this long without an update, seems like since the release of the information from their June 2020 hack they just gave up, meanwhile we all have our coins locked on their ledger, this is unsatisfactory bullshit. Right before the alts are going to take a run.

Hi Waterboy,

I would reach out to Ledger support because ledger is working fine for the majority of people.