Moving coins from paper to phone


Is it possible to move coins from paper wallet to the phone wallet with taking a picture of the QR code?

No, it is not possible. The QR code on display is only for checking the balance of the paper Wallet or sending coins to it.
Can you imagine the security issue if that would be possible !? Anyone that could see the QR code could walk away with the balance :slight_smile:

Yea but if a thief takes a picture of it, he can already take the paper wallet.

I was thinking of using some system that can let you refill your everyday wallet in a simple way.
For example:

  1. Taking a picture of the RQ code.
  2. Inserting a code/fingerprint.
  3. Inserting the amount of coins you want (our if you made a default amount that will be moved to the phone wallet. Or an allowance for each week).

I wonder if it can be done with a smart contract for paper wallets or something like that?

I also don’t know if a paper wallet has a password or not.


paper wallets are not meant to be partly spend. It’s a all or nothing thing, because once your private key is digital/online the wallet is considered as “hot wallet”.

Also please note, that the seed words never can have password. Whoevery has the seed words do not need a password. This is somehow very often confused.

A few days ago I published a longer article about it, you may want to read the paper wallet section to stay safe:

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I know about seed and no password for it.

I was thinking about a system that is between a cold wallet and a hot one.

If I have a cold wallet, I wouldn’t want to use it allot for everyday use.
So I was wondering if there’s a way to be able to move small amount of coins every now and then to a hot wallet, for everyday spending.

Is there’s a way to do it now?
If not, maybe there’s a way to build something that can do that automatically or something like that with smart contracts or else?

Phone wallet? Did I miss something? Please beware: there is/was a fake app roaming the App Store/Play Store not too long ago. Would hate to see another soul becoming a victim of a pretty nifty scam.

For a future idea/wallet.
P.s. Yoroi has an app for the phone.

Yoroi is in both, where have you been?? :grin:

Yoroi, ah I see :grin: Forget what I said.