Multiple owners in the pool, signing registration-certificate


Tip: DO register your rewards account stake key as one of the owners (I did it for my pool), so with two real people, you have three owners. In that way the rewards do count towards determining if pledge is met. So once rewards are accumulating, an owner can decide to withdraw some funds from his/her payment address without violating minimum pledge and without asking the SPO to transfer some of the rewards. Notice though it doesn’t matter for the pledge counted in the rewards formula, there only the amount registered in the pool registration certificate matters; any pledge above the minimum just counts as normal stake (I think…).

Rewards account balance only counts to live stake if the delegation certificate is registered on the blockchain (during pool registration or just as regular delegation certificate registration).

If you redelegate an owner address to another pool, the certificate of this delegation replaces the one from the pool registration (this is the same as changing delegation with a ‘regular wallet’). The ADA from this owner doesn’t contribute to pledge and stake anymore. Also, the rewards from the new pool will be received on the stake address of this owner (instead of on a pool rewards account).


Thanks, @brouwerQ I like your advice of making reward account as one additional owner account. Great idea.

Just to get back to my original questions. I did some experiments, also take what @brouwerQ answered and I will summarize the answers below.

  • is rewards account balance counted towards pledge? (probably no since we did not make it as one of the owner account)

Not automatically. In fact you could have reward account delegated to another pool and things will be just fine.

  • is rewards account balance counted towards pool live stake?

Not unless it is delegated to your pool.

  • I managed to re-delegate one of the owner account to another pool, which seems crazy to me. Is owner account allowed to be re-delegated to some other pool? If so, what is the status the original pool?

It seems cardano is pretty relaxed on this aspects. All accounts (reward or owner) can be delegated to anther pool, and current spool is still considered in good standing. Of course pledge amount will be affected and staking amount as well.