Multiverse Potential Scam

There is a project floating around called Cardano Multiverse - 3D Cardano Metaverse

Screenshot from 2022-01-24 01-23-44

They claim to be in partnership with Cardano Village and Ada Realm. However Cardano Village and Ada Realm DO NOT acknowledge this partnership.

The site has several red flags. Such as receiving your NFT at a future date. Discrepancies in the mint process on the website. In discord as a new user everyone is added to the role land owner.

Beware of projects trying to take advantage of the metaverse hype.


Thanks for your information @jdoddsjr :pray:t2:

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I already bought 2 of the land tokens b4 doing due diligence then I smell all mentioned. I moved on. Thanks for the heads up

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[Link deleted by @napoles] webpage no longer online. It was a rugpull


Rug pull confirmed.

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I wanted to let everyone know that Emperor Mi Mi has launched the pandADA Refugee Program to help victims of this and other panda-themed rugpulls :panda_face: :crown: