My 2 Hour Interview with Charles Hoskinson!

He came to chat on my vlog. :slight_smile:


that was very insightful. I love his interviews because he talks so much. Whenever he throughs a word I don’t know, I always have to pause it and look it up. Also, he is really good with metaphors, and sayings haha.

Great Job on the longest interview EVER!


Great interview. Thanks!

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Very good interview. Thanks for sharing. Charles is a genius!

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That was awesome interview. Charles vision is unparalleled. Looking forward to next update.

Cryptocandor big thanks for this interview, listened to the whole two hours. Particularly liked the part where Charles spoke about in-game currencies and used World of Warcraft as an example, which I was guilty playing whilst listening.

I think you covered all the questions I had and it was also easy listening, even for a non-crypto person like myself.


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@cryptocandor! Y U NO VISITE MUCH!!!

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amazing! Cheers mate!

Good video love watching Charles talk about is projects and his ideas