my computer died, hd was pro sack how to recover my coins?

hello, I have a question to clarify. If for some reason I lose access to compute, (for example my hd fails) than be installed in my daedalus portfolio. Can I get my coins back?

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You need the 12 words seeds - if you have them you can restore your wallet at any point - anywhere in the world


Like @Adafans_io said, you need to have your seed word to recover your wallet, which you can do on any computer.

If you would like to keep your 12 seed word extra safe there is nifty fire, water, shock and wear resistant gadget available from the ledger site, its called crypto steel! You can find it Here, I recently ordered one and I’m very impressed by it. It also calms my nerves knowing my seed words are safe :sweat_smile:.

Only available as part of a pack with 2* Nano S, 238 euros and not before March 26.

Surely there’s a business opportunity for an engraver… maybe some security complications though…

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Ah yes, I forgot, I didn’t get it from ledger but from their main site, still quite a big investment at 99 $. But it is available separately.

Edit: the backlog over there is March as well, the 99 usd price includes a 71 usd lifetime warranty.

I agree @RobJF that there should be more competition in this market.


Here’s a cheaper option: :wink:


That would be the cheapest alternative indeed, I’m thinking of buying one and use it on Stainless steel blank dogtags, that would be pretty badass!

I wish your idea had reached me sooner, I would have had a 100 bucks more to spend on binance :see_no_evil:

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