My Son needs some good howework - Haskell suggestions anyone?

Hey guys I am looking for suggestion to get my Kiddo involved in coding and I am hoping you can help out a little, let me explain a bit.
This child of mine has just started attending a new school, he has been doing all his homework at school and I figure it is a combination of not being in a familiar place and to get it out of the way (not sure) - it troubles me a bit cause i think he will have a difficult time reverting back to doing homework at home as soon as he settles in at the new facility - he is receiving A grades doing this yet I told him I would be giving him some task to complete at home so it is not unfamiliar to him when he has to return to actuall homework at the house - I thought I might give him a task to learn Haskell to challenge him, am I out of my mind giving a young teen such a task? Would you have any suggestions on how to frame a project that would only require like 4 hours to introduce him to it that gives him the understanding he needs to be able to code from istruction?
Any help at all would be appreciated, TIA.

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Let me recommend the book Haskell from First Princikples. Working through the book and its exercises would be an excellent way to learn Haskell.

There is however a caveat. Haskell is super advanced and complex programming language. If your son does tackle, offer encouragment, and if he gives up, let him, it may just bee too soon.


Haven’t looked at it myself but I believe I’ve heard that. Just found this page which is old but I think probably still relevant:

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As someone who has been doing Haskell for 10 years, that list makes me sad. In my opinion Java has ruined 2 generations of programmers. OO as it is taught in Java forced people into a certain way of thinking that people can then carry over to other languages like Python and Haskell where the Java/OO ideas can be made to work, but are IMO a poor substiitue for more idiomatic techniques in those languages.