My transaction was never sent?

Hi, I tried to send ADA from my Ledger-Yoroi wallet a few hours ago for the Cardanobits release. Yes there was a bit of a hype and the Yoroi-Wallet had synchronization issues at the moment because obviously many people tried that at the moment, but in the end it went through and i got the confirmation that my transaction(s) are queued for epoch 257 slot 354033. As several cardanoscan sites told me that at the moment slots in the 348k range are processed I went to bed.
Looking at the scanners this morning, I see several gaps there, e.g. between slot 257 / 353991 and 257 / 354056, which means my transaction was never processed and I guess will never be processed. This is very annoying because i really wanted one (or actually more) of these NFTs during presale which is now impossible.
What can I do in future to ensure that my transaction is actually processed?

Hi @Dr.MM ,

Use full node wallet → Daedalus wallet (desktop app only, no mobile app (scam)).

Looking at the scanners this morning

What scanners?

I see several gaps there, e.g. between slot 257 / 353991 and 257 / 354056

You mean the gap between 353991 and 354056 ? Assuming those are slot numbers, that gap is part of the normal operation of the Ouroborous protocol.

Yoroi should have provided you with a transaction id that you can lookup on

If the transaction is in the explorer it was processed. If it is not it was not processed.

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Thanks for the quick replies!

I looked at and

Yes these are slot numbers. I did not get a transaction id as yoroi was acting up, but my ledger display showed the confirmation that this transaction is scheduled for epoch 257, slot 354033 and I assumed that would be sufficient, but as this slot does not exist, it seems it is not. I could not confirm that right away and did not want to send the transaction several times.

@andreassosilo Thanks for the advice, I will check how to install a full node wallet for such events.

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Your welcome mate. If I get successful CardanoBits, I will inform you again (probably you’re interested). Have a great day! :coffee: