My wallet was emptied. Someone got control of my stake key from wallet

There was a transaction on block 6905392 epoch 322 @ 02/20/2022 9:31:58 AM in which this address emptied my CCVault wallet taking 743.65153 ADA:


It looks like this address then moved all the ADA to this address:


None of them are my addresses. Please help me check how they could have got control of my Spending Password or my key to actually do this.

Any reference of these addresses being scammers in other threads?

Yes, this is a known scammer address. A few weeks ago, it got a lot of people with a fake Nami Android app:

Thanks for your answer @HeptaSean … I was robbed from chrome extension though. How can I trace if my Mac was compromised giving away my keys? because the extension is the legit one.

Totally possible that they have moved to other forms of scams/frauds/hacks, although planting malware on a computer is a quite different skill set than building scam websites or apps.

Are there malware scanners for Mac?

Also: Did you use the seed phrase before in other wallet apps? It is not necessary that it happened through the wallet app you have currently installed. It is possible that they got the seed phrase or keys weeks ago and just now used them.

Привет! Есть ли вероятность того, что возможно вернуть украденные ADA?


Hello! Is there a possibility that it is possible to return the stolen ADAs?

That sounds pretty scammy to me!

If you are the perpetrator and you really want to send back his Ada then you can simply send it back to his wallet address. He doesn’t need to do anything first!

My Google Translate says: “Hey! Is there any possibility that it is possible to recover the stolen ADA?” (So, “return” in the sense of “get back”, not “send back”.)

Could as well be (or pose as) another victim asking how to get back the ADA.

But joining a forum with a Russian flag and ignoring the forum language might be spammy (or trolling) enough without an obvious scam.

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That is a significant difference. I should stay quiet when I don’t understand the language intricacy.

У меня тоже украли ADA в январе, лежат на неизвестном мне счете.

Ведите себя прилично. Я не мошенник. Это Ваше желание.

Continuing in your other thread (and in English) will probably best:

i was watching a youtube video of charles and some video pop out i send all my ada and lost all my savings of 10years there is no security for scams and the worst is i keep sending emails to cardano about warnings becouse they keep doing this after any video charles hokison is streeming