My yoroi don`t sync

Same issue. Have you fixed it?

Ya. The past week I have a balance but zero rewards and zero steaked. Im new I expect to see rewards after this epoch. This issue started just before epoch 297 for me


Having the same problem too… No useful content in this thread regarding the issue though.

I am using the mobile version of yoroi on Android to be specific.

I never had issues with the mobile version even though many people are reporting problems.
If i had issues i would restore my wallet to another app like Daedalus so that i can access it from another source as well.

Is there already light behind the horizon…?
In another words; Do Yoroi already have a solution for the sync problem?

pues yo llevo tres días intentando entrar ya sea el la aplicación móvil o en la extensión de el explorador y no hay manera no carga… que desastre, no me gusta nada valla full

esto no se arregla veo que este comentario estas puesto hace nueve días y yo sigo en lo mismo…
devuelvanme mis adas…!!!
que ostia pasa!!!

Also am having issues. Please advice.

Hi all - I’m having syncing issues with my Yoroi wallet - My “Total ADA” displays fine, but “Total Rewards” & “Total Delegated” just spins and spins - When I attempt to withdraw I get an error message: “Error received from server while getting account state”. Can you help?

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I have the same problem Yoroi Mobile on android. Total Rewards & Total Delegated at zero with an error message about synching. Been like this for two days and no acknowledgement of an error or problem from Yoroi website or forum or chat.

The website says: “Yoroi is an Emurgo product, engineered by IOHK”

Not impressed that Emurgo/IOHK has any interest in the consumer. Losing confidence about my investment rapidly.