My Yoroi wallet was hacked

I was hacked in 02 feb 2023, and he transferred my funds to another Yoroi wallet and subsequently transferred them to Binance
This is the stolen funds transaction:

They were sent to this address: addr1q84wqcnth8sg5h3ms2fsdwutpduxy4s95u3ztetf4ntd6u4mm2fenfpzllu804jdh8x7l267qxqv8k3ct9qvgarjqzfqt4q22n

This is the second transaction where the tokens were sent to a second address:

The hacker’s second address is:


The best chance you get is contact Binance and they may freeze his account. Other than that you have no chance.

… not sure it’s Binance, though.

The Ddz Byrom address definitely hints at a CEX, but it could be any of them. This one seems to have a lot of transactions involving ADAX.

your wallet was not hacked.

your computer was hacked, and your wallet was not secure.