Nami Wallet - Transactions

Is there a way to extract Nami transactions out of Chrome extension into a csv?

Hello @mac26

Go to
Enter your wallet address.
Click CSV button on the right hand side.

Thank you.

Do you by any chance know, why I do not have a CSV button, there?

You have to input a wallet address first, then it will show up. Looks like this:

I tried with stake key and normal address (also taking me to the corresponding stake key).

Do they really want the xpub1… key? Edit: Nope with xpub1… they know nothing to do.

No. Regular addy should work. Unless you are on Mac, then I know they had issues with some browsers on there.

No, on Linux. Does not work in Firefox nor in Chromium.

Perhaps, they are using a Windows-only plugin, there?

I’m using Windows 10 on this laptop. Just checked. Works on Chrome, Fire Fox, Edge and Brave. Doesn’t work on Opera.

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Ah, no, just tried with my only wallet holding tokens.

There, the option is there.

…, because it’s not a CSV of the transactions, but a CSV of the currently held tokens.


If you are looking for rewards only you can just use Adapools

Click tax
and for all UTxO you can use:

…but no csv.

Ah, since the question was about transactions, I had hoped for a summary of all transactions. Need to write a script getting that out of BlockFrost.

I’d use for that. No annoying ads and Adapools needlessly rounds the values instead of giving them Lovelace-exact (not even in the tooltips).

But having an overview over all transactions of multiple wallets (including rewards) would be handy, anyway.