Nano Ledger S + Yoroi on more than one PC

Hello all,
couldn’t find this particular problem here so I’ll try to sum it up…

I’ve managed to install Yoroi wallet and connect it with Ledger S on my home PC and it worked fine.
Addon was working both in Chrome and Brave browser. I could see my transactions and my public address.
Today, I tried to do the same on a new PC, and it did connect to Yoroi but I cannot see anything. Transactions are 0, I cannot see my public address, and if I press “Recieve” it just keeps loading something. You can see it in the attachment.

I’ve tried reinstalling the addon but it didn’t help.

Thank you!


Are you using the latest version of chrome?

my Chrome version was a bit old so yeah, I just updated it to the latest one, reinstalled Yoroi Chrome extension and it’s still showing me 0 balance :frowning:
I don’t feel safe using Yoroi anymore so I will transfer my ADA to Daedalus again.

Thank you for your reply!