Nash Equilibrium- K pools of equal size

I was just curious if anyone could explain how this will be achieved. In non technical terms.

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A pool with 1/k stakes can reach maximal reward rate.

If you have a read through this summary or watch the video, Liz explains how nash equilibrium is achieved for staking pools (graphs are included): Summary of Project Shelley (June 2018) Update

Otherwise, this summary post on incentives and delegation goes a little more in depth into the basic idea of how rewards are distributed which helps achieve pools of equal size. Scroll to section “Basic idea of distribution: Explained in Two Steps” : Summary: PoS Delegation & Incentives (Lars Brunjes)


Thank you. I will check it out.


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No problem, hopefully it helps.

Also one other resource is the staking website:
The research papers can be found there and the general direction of the research is laid out on the webpage. Note though that there will be refinements and additions as the work progresses.