Native tokens and Ae2td addresses (byron?)

Hi all,

With the sale of the Kids Pepe tokens, I’ve noticed a buyer sending the funds from an Ae2td address. Is that a Byron address? From what I’ve found thus far, it looks like it? If I send a token to one of these addresses, what happens? Will all be well, it fails or it get’s burnt?? Any ideas please?

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Do you have a transaction id?

I can’t tell u for sure but I checked in my byron wallets from yoroi and it has token support


Thanks Alex, is an Ae2td a Yoroi wallet address?

I can tell u for sure that also Yoroi use this format for byron address


Many many thanks. I think I’ll generate a test token, send it to the buyer (who has been in touch; luckily) and see if that arrives and can be sent back to burn. If that works, I’ll ensure I update this thread. Best way to find out is to test it :slight_smile:

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Hi! Can you please confirm if it actually is fine to do? Can you receive/send assets from ae2td type addresses with ease?

This is a byron address, not supporting NFT (I think)

The problem is I see an ae2td type address holding an asset. This was sent in error via an escrow to an exchange address. Is it possible to move it in theory or is it impossible and is considered burnt? The tx was successful to that address and the explorer shows the ae2td address owns the token/asset!

It’s hard to recover being an exchange address right now but perhaps later in the future (after alonzo upgrade) can be (not 100% sure).

Hi Alex,

This is why I am looking for a definitive answer post Alonzo. The exchange communicated and said it is not supported yet but it is safe in their custody and once it’s available I can make a request. I am just not sure if it’s actually theoretically possible to do. If a Byron address can receive a token, I am hoping it’s also easy to move it out of such an address.


Then wait till Alonzo/smart contract

PS: I just tested and it worked (sent 2 tokens to my byron wallet in Yoroi)


Also I can send them back to my shelley address

That’s great. Thank you so much for confirming Alex!

One last question, what interfaces do exchanges typically use? Any idea? Is it cardano-cli or GUI?

I assume once they upgrade to listing cardano certain native assets, moving native assets like nfts will be possible on exchange wallets


I really appreciate your help again… big sigh!

Not sure, I think exchanges are using CLI wallets but for sure Alonzo will allow to move native tokens via exchanges

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You’re the best! Thank you Alex !!

You are welcome!