Need button in wallet!

Just a random question dear ada lovers,
Is it possible to have a button in the wallet,
Wich i can use when i want to get my wallet,
on/offline so you dont need a 2nd computer to b off with wallet ,put it real off when not use,nobody can break in.

Probably not, I’m afraid. The program is not running, all the important files are encrypted (as long as you’ve set a spending password!), I don’t believe there’s anything else practical to be done.

I adittion to @RobJF 's comment. Buy a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet. They have buttons on them. If your computer is hacked, then your private keys are still safe. On my Ledger I can check the amount and the destination address on the hardware wallet’s display BEFORE I press the button to confirm the transaction. Here you can see what wallet works in combination with what hardware wallet:

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The problem is when your computer is online or offline. And people can break into your computer when your wallet is online.