Need help urgently

Why can´t i remove my wallet ??? I never got a spending code , so now i can´t delegate , nor send
and was told need to remove my wallet and then add it again with the 15 phrases , but when i go to remove wallet it doesn´t let me !!!


Which application are you using to manage your Cardano wallet?

yoroi app for IOS

Could you please just modify the category of this topic from General Discussions to Community Technical Support?

First I would recover the wallet by using the 15 phrases - which will ask you the set a spending password.

Hope someone then help you remove the wallet which has no spending password… but at least with the new recovered wallet you can delegate and send

How do i modify the category ? sorry a bit slow
I haven´t deleted it yet , can i recover it on the same app and phone ? or PC ?
sorry first time in this and think i messed up

you can edit the topic by clicking on the edit icon (a pen) so in the edit view you can change the category.
I have not tried to recover the same wallet which I already have - but these wallets are independent from each other even if the recovery phrase is the same.

thanks have change topic :slight_smile:
gonna wait for my brother to arrive and see if i can recover this wallet on his phone , as i don´t see anywhere on my app where i can recover wallet , assuming only after i delete it , which it is not letting me…

Thanks for your help

Do you have a menu with Add new wallet and under that a Restore a Wallet option?

I am using yoroi for mobile… what do u want to do?


delete and recover my wallet to get a spending pass that they never gave me


  1. u can’t create a wallet if u don’t set the wallet name and spending passoword!

  2. it’s just a simple wallet or are u using ledger/trezor wallet?

  3. Before to delete the wallet try to restore it again with the 15 seed words… if u will receive a message like wallet already exist it means the seed words is fine

  4. Enter in aplication, choose the wallet- go to settings- add the wallet name - and delete it


  1. Restore the wallet - add wallet (shelley era) - restore - insert 15 seed words - set the wallet name and spending password …

Happy delegation!