Netherlands - Amsterdam Meetup


Hello everyone.

We are orienting for a new meetup after our Rotterdam (NL) meetup was a great succes. Are there any people coming from Amsterdam who would like to help?

I am looking forward to the replies!


Good morning Andy :slight_smile:

Hope to be able to help and promote when appropriate.

Best wishes,



Morning Jon.

Thank you for the offer. I will get back to you when the time is right :slight_smile:


@Andy_Hendrikx. Might be a good idea to include when (give or take) the meetup will be held, i’m willing to help promote it and will probably be attending anyway :slight_smile:.


There is no specific date available yet. But i am aiming for February.



excellent plan! I will join up, living acros the border nearby Maastricht!


That’s great to hear Bob :slight_smile:, i’m looking forward to meeting you! And hanging out with @Andy_Hendrikx :smile: