Network error, cant delegate on brave browser

I want to stake using a Yoroi ledger wallet, however every time i try delegating to any pool, it gives me the following error message “Network error. Please check your internet connection.”.
Ledger Connect | Yoroi
Thats the page that opens when i click on DELEGATE, but it times out every time.
It refuses to work on Brave browser.

Looks like it cannot connect to your Ledger device. I remember that I had this once (the emurgo.github page not opening) with Yoroi and could only resolve it by completely deinstalling and installing the Chrome extension again.

can be something related with yoroi - brave - ledger…
try to connect your ledger on and delegate from there… if everything is ok then you can uninstall yoroi extension on brave and try again… or try with chrome


My ledger works flawlessly with other browser extentions like terrastation and metamask on brave.
Pretty sure the flaw is with Yoroi.
I was able to delegate on Chrome.