Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 16>: does not exist

Why is giving me an error now?

The node is up and synced?

It is now. is working now better
but i still get network socket 16 does not exist?

I guess I happened to catch perfect timing when topologyupdater was running? the relay was restarting? But my BP node has been up for 6 days until now?

I noticed my relay started connecting 17 peers - could I be running out of sockets?

something happened today…

Killed… must be the hardware configuration of server (not enough MEM)

I killed the cardano-node processes and restarted on both servers. That seemed to fix it. They are synced and talking to each other again. I thought 8GB was enough?

Cntools can require more RAM

Yea, when I query Show pool details from I get big spike in cpu then a network socket error it tries to shut node down and restart but its not a clean shutdown - I stop the node with systemctl, I find the process id and do a kill -9 on the the id, then I start the node again with systemctrl - everything syncs back up in about 5 mins - clearly a memory issue when running node and cntools at same time

Yes, MEM issues