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Feb 5, 2019 8pm central standard time.

This world is full of trees of all kinds, the ones I love the most may be my brothers least favorite and vise versa. However out of love of my brother, I can see the beauty he likes the most. Every woman, man, and child has a family similar to ours that loves them deeply as ours love us. Remove the blinders that were put on by evil, there is only one mankind.

Take care of the ones that built the road we have traveled, they have paid the most often with their life. Teach our children our history, show them the love and compassion that we remember. Most of us have a few moments we remember. Let’s enrich them with a lifetime of memories.


What happens then?

Something awesome!


Our dream, though not yet realized, will be to have endured and accomplish as much, yet with so much sacrifice, as those that have set the bar. Once the reveal, our best 1000 is head of us.


I think I figured out the significance. Chinese New Year kicks off on that day. 2019 will be a most auspicious year!


What’s exciting about a new year? It’s just a date someone made up. I don’t understand the hype.

Remembering a story from Arthur C. Clarke I assume that Jupiter is transformed into a second sun at this date to melt the ice above the ocean of its moon Europa. :smiley:


The last thing we need right now is another sun.

There’s a whole (made up) world in one’s head, isn’t there? We all have one of those imaginary worlds; some are bigger and more imagined than others.

“Announce unto them whom you meet, send word to those you know, that the freedom bell rings once again in the minds and hearts of patriots from America to China, to Russia, and Africa! Let no stone be unturned, let no country, man woman or child not be free from this moment forward. There is enough resources for everyone to be happy, for everyone to live in abundance, enough land for everyone to have a place to call their own. Do you not understand that their exists hundreds of livable miles both above us and below us. The technology to grow crops in places of darkness exists to turn those dark spaces into glorious places of vibrant life. Tell everyone, herein lies the answers and remedies to our problems, tell them all, so that the freedom bell continues to ring forever from this day forward to infinity and back.”

Are you purposely want to be confusing? Is this an inside joke or something?

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I’m sorry, but much as you may think you are some sort of modern day sage , this is not the place for this sort of mumbo jumbo - though it did make me chuckle somewhat


You by definition are blessed with wisdom.

Kevin81q I don’t really know what to make of this EDUCATIONAL post !! are u still in the 60’s 70’s on an acid trip or just munching on them mushrooms… what ever it is it’s good gear. Personally am just a ADA Cardano hodler from dear old blighty. Am a well traveled Geordie that has fought, drank, gambled, ducked & dived & proudly shagged me way through life. Iv’e tried to follow your patter but you’ve got me cattled. I will wake up tomorrow and revisit this thread, in a hungover but sober state. Let’s see if it makes any more sense. Happy Days…

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May we all be awakened! By the book. Our greatest times are ahead of us. Love one, love all. Seek out those that paid the heaviest price. For mankind to be here, the price had to be allowed to be paid. When the trumpence sound every soul will know.

Truth isn’t in a book or the ideas in your head.

These posts are an attempt to convince yourself, not others.

What lay ahead of us is an age of unprecedented suffering. True salvation is found in the peace that is thought-free awareness. Here now, always available.