New ADA pool - AIRTM

Hello Everyone,

A few days ago, a new Cardano pool was created with the intent of making a change in our city.

The idea behind is simple, but with outstanding follow up for the community: we plan to acquire air sensors and install them in strategic points across our city. Also, we will give some of the sensors into adoption so the families from neighborhood will benefit for free.

Those sensors will measure the presence of the dust particles and will provide weather information regarding temperature, humidity, or air pressure.

We will gather all the data, analyze it, and make it public. After the problem is exposed, we will come up with ideas which will reduce the pollution and teach people to pay more attention to this.

Right now, we started with a small website which will gradually have more content added:

There is a Twitter page “AIRTM” where we will post pictures and our data interpretation.

If you think our cause is good, please support our ADA pool. We are new to this and every gesture will count.

Air to the people!