New Cardano DApp Ideas and Help Needed

Hello everyone my name is Dominik Boltnar, recently I came up with a DApp idea, it is one that the Cardano blockchain needs to have, I need people who know a lot about ADA and also people who know how to build DApps please let me know and I will share my idea with you. Thank you!

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I can help you with the cardano node in case you will need one


Ok so my idea is to create some sort of a software like “google docs” but notes that people can put onto the blockchain that can only be accessed with there seed phrase, not sure how to make this or implement this or if it should have a coin that goes with it?

You can create a token or nft and then a website… and give access to the content only to people who own the token or nft


Sounds good but I want to make it more is there a way to implement a coin and somehow a stake pool to earn Ada?

Yes u can, but u will need ~1M ADA staked (from u or from delegators) for 1block/epoch average… without blocks u will not validate blocks and also no rewards


Which way do you think makes the most sense with integrating Cardano and what should the steps be?

Hello and welcome to the Cardano forum, @Dominik_Boltnar

The CardanoWall project may be of interest to you. It is developed by the user @Viggy. The following are some articles about this project:


Cool what should the steps be to create this though and how to integrate it into Cardano?

@Alexd1985 Please help thank you!

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