New Consultancy Firms?

Is it me or some of these companies have been added to the roadmap page recently? (Predictable Network Solutions, ATIX, Grimm and Cryptography Group)

Screenshot from the roadmap page


The company “Tweag I/O” should probably also be mentioned.

Can you please elaborate? Why should it be mentioned?

Tweag I/O is a Haskell consultancy much like Well Typed and a number of people from Tweag are contracting to IOHK in what I believe is a a similar capacity and under similar arrangements to the people from Well Typed.


Thank you! What a heckin coincidence, I just have learned about this company today on a local FP meetup where a dude from it talked about “inline-java”, “inline-r” and all this stuff :slight_smile:

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Thanks Erik, I didn’t know them. I browsed the website and was very impressed by some of their profiles. Several of them hold PhDs from Ecole Polytechnique, the crème de la crème of the french elitist educational system in mathematics and CS. It is the most prestigious school of the country. Acceptance rate is around 2%…
This is top level stuff and very good for Cardano!