New Daedalus Node wont sync

I have been running a Deadalus wallet for a year + now with no issues. Lately, my wallet wouldn’t sync so I decided to uninstall and re-install latest 0.14.0. Issue still exists, it just hangs on startup at “Connecting to network” I have confirmed tcp port 3000 is open. Please see attached for the diagnostics.

I am seeing this in the logs:
{“at”:“2019-10-02T18:40:15.3723003Z”,“env”:“mainnet_wallet_win64:3.0.3”,“ns”:[“cardano-sl”,“diffusion”,“outboundqueue”,“self”],“data”:{},“app”:[“cardano-sl”],“msg”:“sending MsgRequestBlockHeaders Nothing to NodeId failed with TransportError ConnectFailed “Network.Socket.recvBuf: failed (No error)” :: SomeException”,“pid”:“4088”,“loc”:null,“host”:“hostname”,“sev”:“Warning”,“thread”:“ThreadId 2069”}
{“at”:“2019-10-02T18:40:15.3723003Z”,“env”:“mainnet_wallet_win64:3.0.3”,“ns”:[“cardano-sl”,“diffusion”],“data”:{},“app”:[“cardano-sl”],“msg”:“subscriptionWorker: lost connection to NodeId Exceptional (TransportError ConnectFailed “Network.Socket.recvBuf: failed (No error)”)”,“pid”:“4088”,“loc”:null,“host”:“hostname”,“sev”:“Notice”,“thread”:“ThreadId 320”}
{“at”:“2019-10-02T18:40:15.3723003Z”,“env”:“mainnet_wallet_win64:3.0.3”,“ns”:[“cardano-sl”,“production”],“data”:{},“app”:[“cardano-sl”],“msg”:“recoveryTriggerWorkerTransportError ConnectFailed “Network.Socket.recvBuf: failed (No error)””,“pid”:“4088”,“loc”:null,“host”:“hostname”,“sev”:“Error”,“thread”:“ThreadId 331”}

Unless you need to run a node you’d probably be better off with one of the light wallets such as Yoroi. You can import a Daedalus wallet directly.

no doubt you’ve already checked but you didn’t mention it so i will

have you verified that your anti-virus isn’t blocking the requests or maybe even a software firewall?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I have verified my antivirus is disabled.