New generation travel distribution platform

Hello Cardano community! I am looking for partners to develop a revolutionary new generation travel distribution platform.
The platform will solve the problem of siloed data that prevents travel providers to offer truly customized offers at the right time at the right price. It will allow travelers to own and monetize their consumer data, travel history and profiles, likes and dislikes, etc…

Consumers monetize and get better service, and providers get a higher conversion rate.

Everyone is happy!

This is a 1 trillion dollar a year marketplace, that needs a revolution.

After building the industry flagship in travel distribution for the last 25 years I am ready to invest my experience and expertise into changing the travel distribution industry.

I am looking for like-minded energetic partners knowledgeable in the blockchain, DeFi, NFT space.

Thanks for your comments and feedback.

Here is a more detailed description of the platform:

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