New Initiative: Workers-DAO

The idea for the Workers-DAO is from a self-organized living – solidarity-based economy

Workers-DAO is a singular, cooperatively, non-commercially and inter-blockchain organized investment company for the joint acquisition / financing of ecological-, economical- ,social- ,sustainable and self-orgenized projects (DAOs) into common property, in order to create long-term secure jobs and room for initiatives.

The Workers-DAO participates in projects so that they can be withdrawn from the market, which means that they can not be resold or speculate with. At the same time, the Workers-DAO promotes solidarity transfer between more efficient and financially weaker projects. This starts from the point that the equity capital of young, heterogeneous projects is usually very thin, but permanent and reliable debt and slowly increasingly solid contributions over income can be paid. Participation in this solidarity procedure is a condition to become a member of the Workers-DAO.

The Workers-DAO supports and advises the projects on financing and legal issues, but does not provide any capital itself. The Workers-DAO sees itself as a grassroots democratic network with hubs all around the world. An important instrument is a jointly managed “solidarity fund”. The projects do not become the property of the Workers-DAO, but a separate DAO in which the DAO Members (DAO Working Group (DAO-WG)) and the Workers-DAO are represented. The property title of the project lies within the DAO. The voting rights are specified in the DAO contract and are not coupled as usual to the amount of the shares. Via the DAO-WG, the users manage their own responsibility. DAO-WG and Workers-DAO have parity in the DAO, so that sales or conversion are only possible by mutual agreement and can thus be prevented. Decisions such as work allocation, financing, salaries, etc. are in the context of economic efficiency exclusively the DAO-WG, so the people working for the DAO. The Workers-DAO is in turn owned by the entirety of the DAO-WG. The highest organ are the Workers-DAO polls.

“Play DAO” is the not for profit entrepreneur which helps companies to create Businessplan and all stuff to become a DAO (The DAO Cycle). At the end of the cycle there is a credit round where part of the credit will go to the Play DAO to cover the cost and expand Play DAOs business further.

While going through the cycle the projects earn ADA and other token . ADA is also used to stake on other projects. The more stake a project has the higher the reputation and the higher the reputation the more likely it get credit and the more likely it gets new customers. Reputation is calculated through many parameters like ADA (tokens) staked, customer reviews, comments, articles, working capital turnover, etc.

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