NEW Project T Minus One - A decentralized platform to improve the baseline for seamless, secure & verified project launches

Hi all :wave:,

I would like to briefly introduce a new project - T Minus One (T-1). A decentralized platform for secure, transparent & no-code token deployment on Cardano.

Check out the project introduction below & whitepaper on the website :point_down:

Project introduction

Name: T Minus One (T-1)

The idea of T-1 is to bring structure and integrity to the Cardano token launch landscape. T-1 takes the complexity out of token creation and initial sales, ensuring optimal minting policies, precise decimal handling, and systematic distribution into vesting and ITO contracts.

Moreover, the platform’s smart contracts oversee post-sale liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges, removing any potential malpractice.


GitHub: T Minus One Β· GitHub

Check out the Whitepaper on the website top left:)

What are your thoughts, feedback, or input on the project idea?

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