New [PXLZ] staking pool dedicated to supporting x-marketplace ownership assurance for NFTsf

Hi, guys!

I’m excited to announce that I created PXLZ, my first SP on Cardano a few days ago & would love to get your delegation support as well as answer any questions you might have regarding the PXLZ project & why not, give out any SPO-related insight that I have acquired during the pool creation process.

[PXLZ] is running on cloud VMs, uses 3 relay nodes and air-gapped cold storage back-ups.

By delegating to PXLZ, you are also supporting the underlying project.

The goal of [PXLZ] is elegantly simple: assure ownership legitimacy of NFTs in a cross-marketplace environment (as well as cross-chain as the blockchain technology advances).

To this end, PXLZ will be the first of its kind Ownership Legitimacy Assurance Application (OLAA).

Any marketplace can use the PXLZ standard for generating unique, on-chain identifiers for an NFT as well as store the associated media & relevant metadata using the IPFS protocol, thus ensuring truly decentralized ownership of an asset.

Long story short - once an artist mints an NFT on a marketplace which uses PXLZ, they will be identified as the unique creator of said NFT on all other marketplaces that use PXLZ.

PXLZ is open to any form of digital art, be it visual or audio & will also support artist/current owner identification, royalty distribution & unlockable content.

The plan is for the project to also mint its own governance token so that the future of PXLZ is decided by those who value its utility most.

Please note that the project is in its infancy stage at the moment & any type of support or feedback is welcome.

You can check out the pool stats here on Adapools or any other favourite Cardano pool app by searching for the PXLZ ticker.

You can also engage, vote, comment on the PXLZ project on Catalyst.

Looking forward to answering any questions you guys might have!


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