New Release: Daedalus 2.4.0-ITN1 Rewards Wallet Feedback Master Thread

New Release: Daedalus 2.4.0-ITN1 Rewards Wallet Feedback Master Thread

Hello everyone!

As the title suggests, this Master Thread will serve to accumulate user feedback on the release.

You can download the latest version via:

For those participating in the Shelley Incentivized Testnet, please give us your feedback on the recent Daedalus ITN Rewards wallet release below, so we can keep track of the good, bad and the ugly.

In case of issues or a need for support with the latest version of Daedalus please submit a ticket at IOHK Support

Thank you always for your time and input. We very much appreciate it.


I have put new install on a WIN 10 Pro laptop and I was able to successfully restore to the point where it accepted my 15 word phase and password. Now it just ‘hangs’ at 0% synced. Been like this for 2 hours so far. I tried the same thing on another WIN 10 Pro laptop and exactly same issue.

Any help appreciated.

Please submit a ticket at Thanks!

Hi, I’m getting this:
And this:

Not sure what to do. I’ve already sent a ticket to support about 18 hours ago.


I think you’ll probably be advised to uninstall program, delete the state directory, download, reinstall and recover your wallet. You need to be sure of the 15 word recovery phrase though. Also, I’m not an expert, support and/or others in here might say different things.

Outstanding version - the new wallet synced very quickly.

Reading the release notes, I also noticed that this version of the ITN can “… import wallets for which you have lost your wallet recovery phrase.”

I hope they bring this capability into the MainNet version of Daedalus. Some time ago, I restored a paper wallet into Daedalus - but I lost the 27 word recovery phrase as well as the spending password. So, now I’m in limbo. Such a capability would enable me to recover from a mistake.

I have had the same problem Andy. I updated from an older version of the ITN on a windows machine. I couldn’t get to work. I went back into the recommendations offered in the support screens. Then I tried to send a ticket to IOHK Support.For some reason a message come up on my window that said my support was suspended. I have no understanding of why support would be suspended. Very unsettling.
Each time I send a support ticket I get no reply. I can’t get to support for help and haven’t a clue as to why they would suspend support for me. I have a substantial stake in the ITN and assume it’s been receiving rewards. I have no way to see them, verify them or get to them. I really would appreciate some assistance. I restored my old wallet from the original ITN to the 2.4 version. Bought a new computer to do it. I’m on the most current Apple Mac software. Wallet looks fine, but can’t seem to sync with my data on the blockchain . Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Those are the very same instructions I followed. It enables one to upload directly from the blockchain. I’d really like to regain the rewards. But I have to say I see the testnet as just that, a Test. I may not be able to regain my ITN ADA or Rewards but I do hope there is a technical experience that benefits to system at the very least. The ITNADA was just a snapshot. Thank GOD for that. ;<))

By the way ROB. Thank you for sending me the link to the download page. It loaded. I was shocked when my wallet appeared and was functional. I was frustrated when I couldn’t get it to sync with my ADA data.

Thank you again. Your help is much appreciated.


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I have a same problem as @rebyte2. Submitted the ticket and instructed me to close and restart after some moment.

But still the same.
Hopeful that it will be fine soon.

Same problem here, not syncing at all after a new installation

Do you know about a New Daedalus Wallet specifically for Shelly Mainnet. Not an ITN wallet.

Just a New Shelly Mainnet Daedalus wallet?

Is the existing 1.1.0 Daedalus wallet going to be continued, replaced or updated to the new blockchain.

Your comment is off-topic here, this thread is about the new ITN wallet.

You’ll get a notification within the existing wallet when a new/upgrade is available, it will tell you what to do.