New shelley_testnet? Is FF deprecated?


I just found out that there is a new testnet named shelley_testnet ( ) started yesterday. What is it? is FF deprecated? Is there another post about that somewhere on this forum?

I had finished exercise 5 today and was happily expecting to see my new stakepool on when everything went wrong and I discovered this new testnet…


We’re keeping ff environment up and running until a daedalus version is provided that can connect to shelley_testnet. At that point we’ll be shutting down ff. There’s really nothing new here. We’ve reset ff from genesis a handful of times since it’s inception with breaking changes. Only difference is we have an overlapping strategy with this reset so we don’t impact people that want to test daedalus until integration is finished. We’ve also taken this opportunity to rename ff -> shelley_testnet to reflect it’s now open to the public.


Thanks for the clarification! I haven’t joined the Telegram community yet (due to lack of time). Is it there that we can know what is happening with the different testnets (resets, etc…)?