New venture and backstory

Last year I struggled to sell my house and was left with no choice other than to hand the keys back to the bank and walk away from the property. At the last minute I came up with a crazy idea, perhaps I could sell the house by conducting a raffle? Maybe this would be an affordable way for people to get a house mortgage free and a way that I could solve the dilemma my family were facing…

With that in mind I gave myself 48 hours (just enough time before my wife forced me to hand the keys back to the bank) and I setup a website ( ), I then sent a press release and to my suprise a local paper called me straight away. I realised I should tell me wife what just happened and perhaps warn her that the press were on their way.

An hour later we had finished a live stream and got featured in the local paper… I was amazed, but would it work?

In the first 24 hours around £2000 came in at £2 a ticket, I couldn’t believe it!

Then the very next day whilst eating our dinner at the local supermarket my phone started going crazy “ping ping ping”. I quickly logged into analytics trying to find out what was going on, thousands of people on the website?? A quick search and I realised that we had just got a feature in a national paper and we raised over £100,000 in 24 hours.

To cut a long story short, more of which you can read about here -

Press Coverage

We managed to raise £1,000,000 and give our house to a winner for just £2 (the winner actually bought 20 tickets and spent £40 in total). Through this we featured in the press all over the world and appeared live on Sky TV, the BBC One Show and countless radio appearances.

Fast forward to today, hundreds of people have been in touch and many have created their own raffles, see here -

One of the great things about the raffle (other than solving our personal financial crisis) is that we were able to donate £40,000 to local charities, this was absolutely the most satisfying part of all.

Moving forwards, we would like to continue with an ethos of helping good causes, but also giving the opportunity for great prizes to be won and to create a small business.

As a first step we have just setup our first new competition with an initial focus on crypto payments.

Here :

Through this we hope to create an amazing prize for one winner, generate some seed money to establish the business and to generate a donation for a good cause.

Unfortunately ADA isn’t accepted at this time, hopefully we can help change that in the future, perhaps some conversations with Emurgo will help!

If you would like to support this venture then please do share far and wide.

PS this is the first public notice of this raffle, I love the community and the whole Cardano project.

If you have any questions, ideas or otherwise then please let me know and I will gladly answer everything after some sleep.

Thank you Cardano!

PPS if you do enter, please ensure that you read the terms and conditions as not all jurisdictions are eligible for entry due to variance in legal definitions and gambling law.


I read about the house raffle online a while ago. What a brilliant idea!

A smart contract would be a great way to issue tickets and select the winner on Cardano. Once that comes, I will definitely buy a ticket or two…


Brilliant idea!!!

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Is it possible for the winner to convert that lambo into cash/ cryptocurrency?


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That would be really great as a way to ensure everything is provably fair.

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That is an option to receive a cash only prize.

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