New video: Project Goguen April 2018 update

CH has been talking about the significance of this on Telegram:


I don’t really understand the difference between the 2. Are you able to clarify?


Byron : First phase of the project
Shelley : Second phase of the project…
Coguen: Third phase of the project…
Basho: 4th
Voltaire: 5th
The details of each phase are here:
You will see deliverables in each phase, with descriptions…hope this helps !..:grin:


Thank you @pesuazo! I should’ve been more clear, I was confused with the difference between the 2 testnets. I will search the videos and wiki site again to see if I can get a better understanding.

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on telegram? you mean in a group or a private i.m convo you’re having with him?

I saw it in one of the official groups, probably Cardano General.

as far as i know there’s only one telegram presence which is a read only announcement channel. do you have a link?

For Community Rules and a list of Cardano telegram groups, please read:

thank you mate

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