New way to browse and search existing Cardano Improvement Proposals

we created a new nice way to browse and search through all the Cardano Improvement Proposals. Try it out on:

Especially if you are not very used to GitHub is a huge improvement.


very helpful integration @adatainment :nerd_face::+1:

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Hiya…trying to work out how this process compares with IdeaScale !! and also…how to find a link to Algolia ?? Not sure… but I may be missing something…great work !! Ciao for now - Riccardo

I’m not sure if I got your question right but, the CIP process is “just” a way to discuss things, it has nothing to do with IdeaScale. You can find links in Algolia by using the search bar and clicking on the results.

Hey that was quick…you must live in Europe !! I am in Italy…11.30 here…cool…I think I get it now…having looked at Algolia…which I had not heard of…totally brilliant…Google watch out !! basically you have managed to integrate Algolia with the Cardano Forum…via API…great work mate…and thankyou for making me aware of Algolia…have a great festive season !! Ciao for now - Riccardo