Next level adoption?

Hey everyone (cue semi-awkward introduction) - I’m Louis, fellow human, Cardanian, and Co-Founder of Burblr, a non-art NFT dapp on the Cardano blockchain that allows you to collect and trade exclusively minted Works from your favorite authors.

Now that we have that shameless plug out of the way, I’d like to sincerely thank the community for making me feel welcome here (seriously).

After listening to a lot feedback, one of the things that was mentioned over and over was the theme of ’ being more intuitive ’ (especially with NFTs and crypto in general). We understand how important it is to make something that not only appeals to the people in this community, but also the people outside of this community (most if not all of us want Cardano to succeed at every level which would require next level adoption ).

We’ve heard you loud and clear and have submitted our proposal for Fund5 on Project Catalyst . The pillars of it’s foundational success are designed around one core principle: make it simple and make it fun.

We’re ready to bring big names to the Cardano blockchain and approach something new in a different way, making NFTs seamless to enjoy for people who know nothing about Cardano or crypto at all. All they would need is a credit a card and an internet connection.

Take a look at our proposal and if you want to see it grow please give it some kudos HERE. I know it might sound silly but these kudos really help us build momentum.

If you don’t like our proposal, be candid and let us know how we can make it better (we want to deliver the best possible proposal and value all criticism).

Look, we know this is a process but we’re built to last and ready to take the journey into the blockchain frontier together at full-speed. Welcome aboard! Come along with us and let’s make some noise!


Co-Founder of Burblr