No blocks since epoch 367

My BP is scheduled to mint 14 blocks but it hasn’t minted…
not sure what is going on
before 367, there were no issues
Screenshot from 2022-10-03 17-47-51

Have you been doing the leaderlog checks?

If you’re running CNCLI for leaderlog checks, you need to change the tpraos flag.

Have you checked your logs around the time the they were due to be minted?

I haven’t chechked when block is minting… is there a way to check it

How have you been determining that you are due to mint a block?

yes, 14 blocks are scheduled

I think you’re missing my question. What method have you used to know you have 14 scheduled?

Using CNCLI tool stated in CoinCashew guide

never mind I solved it!

What was the solution? (just so others can learn as well)

in CNCLI, changed --consensus tpraos to praos. leader cheack was incorrect.

Good. Yes, that is what I was indicating in my first reply.