No Cap Stakepool [NOCAP] Introduction

Hi Community,
My name is David from No Cap Stakepool.

About Me:
I’ve always been a fan of Cardano since early 2018, and I originally wanted to be a stake pool operator to better improve my tech skills and gain a deeper understanding of Cardano’s technology. As I created my stake pool, I’ve found myself wanting to contribute to Cardano’s future.

Currently, I am the sole stake pool operator and owner of No Cap Stakepool, but I am working hard to find partners to help drive forward No Cap Stakepool’s mission.


NoCap’s Mission:
Our mission at No Cap Stakepool is to contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano network and to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem. We hope to create guides and tutorials for the community and to drive adoption of Cardano.

NoCap’s Tech:
We are currently hosted only on AWS.
Our BP and Relay Nodes each have

  • 2 CPU cores,
  • 8 GB memory,
  • 100 GB+ expandable storage, and
  • Up to 5Gpbs of network bandwidth.

We are currently hosted in two US Regions (East and West). We hope to expand to more regions in the future.

NoCap’s Pledge:
92K ADA pledged.
0.00% fees until we hit 3M+ stake in our pool.
Once we hit 3M, we are looking to increase to 1.2% to sustain cost and grow our mission.

NoCap’s Socials:

Contact Us:

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Seems like a valid setup and a good amount of pledge.
Welcome and good luck.

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Thank you!