Node crashed

I opened my wallet today and all it says is node crashed and does nothing else? What do I do now?

@MrEther If you are using Daedalus, simply close it. and restart your computer. After restart, try re-syncing Daedalus. If the computer restart doesn’t work, then you might have to reinstall Daedalus, in which case, you need to delete all Daedalus files on your computer.

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I am reinstalling now this was caused from sudden shutdown of windows 7.
Is there a bootstrap it takes foreverrrrrrrr…?

@MrEther Did it work?

Still waiting on sync 84%

16hr so far

three hours and only 2% recovery OMG this is crazy


Your previous version must have been a very old one. This is a one-off database conversion. Normally it would take a few hours. Your best source of help on this sort of thing is Telegram group

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I installed this wallet less than a month ago

synchronization takes a long time. Is it normal

@Karolina It’s normal to take several hours. But it also depends on your internet speed. Faster internet speed will take a shorter time than a slower one. Remember Daedalus is a full passive node of the blockchain and that is what you are downloading.

@DAPP360_MIKE Thank you for your answer

Initial sync does take a long time. I fianlly shut my time sync tool off and wallet seems to be syncing with network and wallet recovery seems to be progressing

seems to be syncing now. Seems my time sync tool was interfering

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