Node stops processing TX, Errorpolicy:115

today I just realized that my node stops processing TX. In paralell I got warning that the hard disk space is less that 1GB. I have deleted some files and now i have more than 4Gb. This is the node status after 8 hours runnig:

Is it possible that my node is banned due to low level (not lack of) HDD space ? If yes what should I do to get back my status?

Just only my cardano dir is more than 13GB (total is 35GB) but in some tutorials 20GB is the minimum.

till you can see new tip log statement then the node is healthy.
so if something went wrong the tip also should stop increasing.
The errorpolicy log is “just” a notice…

Thank you for your quick answer.
My experince is that a healty node isn’t enough to be a part of the transactions: after 12 happy hours of working my node stoped TX processing. Propably the problem was that my relays were connected togather. After I cut this connection it took 3-4 hours to start working. I got this without any warning or something and the sync was ok during the whole time.

One more thing: the other part of the message contains an expession “ErrorPolicySuspendConsumer” witch is scary…

yes, you are right - so you need incoming peer connections to have TX processing…
do you know how many incoming connections the node has?

out/in : 21/24

so once this status comes back - check the tip, and in connections as well…

This status is always there. My node is continusly in sync. It is reachable by poolvet and:

Relay node is in [topology.json]

The blocknode has 1/1 connection with the relay.

thats way my suspicion is that my node is somehow banned.

once I had this printout but in another context:

So but still it can occur…