Node Type and Explorer and Wallet

I see the node has three types:core、relay and edge.The way of connectScripts.mainnet.wallet connects to relay,but the connectScripts.mainnet.explorer connects to which? And is the explorer node is a member of P2P network? The data of explorer-node is the same with the wallet-node ?

Thank you to answer my question!

Both the mentioned scripts (of cardano-sl node) connect to same relay nodes in SL, yes. Thus, the contents of Blockchain DB folders created is indeed the same.
Check here for the environment-wise connection information used.

Thank you,but when I use the connectScripts.mainnet.explorer to sync data, it occured a serious problem following the picture. It looks like double cost, this problem occurs very often and it will interrupt the thread of sync data. However, I use connectScripts.mainnet.wallet to sync data, it never occured a problem. Could you help me?

You cannot ‘simultaneously’ run both scripts and use the same wallet folder, if that’s what you meant.

I didn’t run both scripts at the same time or the same wallet folder. I mean that i used mainnet.wallet don’t have problem, but use mainnet.explorer occured error as above picture. And the problem occured on many different addresses.

I see, sounds like issue reported here

Yeah, mine is the same with this issue. But the solution is to increase the RAM?

hello, i’m a developer of OK. i want to know can i use the explorer api to traverse blocks?