Non-blockhain ledgers

I am just interested. What do you guys think about the other players in the distributed ledgers field, like Hedera or Radix? Are their claims reasonable? If so, could they overthrow the blockchain based systems in the long run (including Cardano)?

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It seems that Hedera is not truly decentralized as they explain on their website:
“The Hedera Hashgraph Council will be the governing body of the Hedera Hashgraph Platform. The council will consist of up to 39 leading organizations and enterprises in their respective fields…”
Cardano gives the power to the people in the ecosystem with a right to vote. That is the beauty of Cardano.

I have also read their white paper. Their transaction speed goes down significantly as they add nodes. They seem like the worst of both worlds: no transaction verification with slow network.

The issues with scalability of other blockchains described in their website are actually resolved with Cardano.