NYC Cardano Brunch Meetup

Please Join us for a Sunday Brunch Meetup at the Mercury Bar in NYC.

Thanks to all who showed up! We are seeing exponential growth in attendance. Looking like we are getting a solid core of people. Good things to come!

@Donnybaseball, I hope you are doing well. Are these meetups held regularly? Any chance they have a virtual component to them? I live in New Hampshire, am new to the Cardano community, and appreciate the face-to-face aspect of this. Would love to join sometime in the near future. Cheers! JD

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Hi, Jordan!

We have been holding at least 1 virtual meetup (zoom) a month. Usually they are on the last Thursday of the month to coincide with the Cardano 360 update. Love to have you attend. Just join the meetup group and you should be notified when I send the invite.

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