Once I update to Daedalus 1.0.0 is it safe to delete my old Daedalus files?

So I’ve updated to Daedalus 1.0.0(Daedalus Mainnet) is it safe to delete/uninstall the old Daedalus files and program?

I hope so, because after my wallet was successfully ported, I did XD …so far no issues.

Yes it is fine to uninstall the old Daedalus :blush:. It is just always important to know your seed words. :blush:


seed words are important guys make sure to have them in a safe place

Now that I’ve updated to Mainnet, and know it’s safe to delete old Daedalus, I received a notice about a new Daedalus, newer than Mainnet 1.0.0#12660. Should I always download the latest? What happens if I continue to use a previous release? So my original seed words will work with all later releases? It’s all very confusing.


You would miss out on any additional features and bugfixes, it is recommended to be on latest release to have better experience (and this view is not limited to cardano or apps from blockchain domains).