One of my stakes hasn't earned rewards since Jan 10

I got 2 Yoroi wallets and the only way I could stake both was to stake 1 on Brave browser and another on Chrome.
The one in Brave has 12k+ ADA and that gets great rewards (56 so far)
the one in Chrome has 15k+ ADA and has only received 11 in rewards

Originally they were different stakepools but I’ve moved my chrome to the same stakepool (on Jan 15) as the one in Brave but the rewards haven’t increased yet.
The wallet in Brave gets the expected rewards in the same stakepool

Anyone else has this issue?

Hi Aaxxccdd!

It looks like, the first staking pool you were using on the Chrome has not been providing rewards for one another reason (probably a duplicate or not stable, dunno).

However when you re-delegate, you get rewards from the staking pool you were previously delegating to for the current and the next Epoch, so basically 2 Epochs need to be complete, and then you start generating rewards from the new staking pool.

I believe when the next Epoch ends, you will receive rewards in both wallets.

Happy staking! :slight_smile:



Thanks! That sounds about right :slight_smile:

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I got my reward today from the new stakepool!
Thanks for the info Tsvetan. It was spot on

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Hey Aaxxccdd!

Glad to hear! nice stuff!
Happy Staking! :))